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The “Daughter” Interludes

What follows is an excerpt from a project in early development. I came up with the concepts for these scenes and knew I wanted to use them interspersed throughout a larger story about these characters. However, I haven’t yet settled on what that larger story is, so in the meantime, I present them to you in an early form. These characters live in the fictional world in which most of my work is set.

Interlude 1

“You have the fire, my child.”

The father takes his daughter into his arms for the first time and feels his heart swell. Pride, astonishment, doubt, concern, and above all, love – a flurry of emotions engulfs his mind and soul. He pushes them down below his notice. All he cares for in that moment is the sight of the child, who considers wailing at the strange, cold world into which she has emerged. He wraps the blanket tight around her and turns toward the hearth.

“Already I can see the embers that stir deep within your soul.”

The gift of his bloodline runs strong through her veins. He can practically feel it without needing to confirm with the other-sight. When he does shift his vision the newborn babe appears to emanate mana, with twin sparks of light and fire discernible. The Purifying Flame has passed to the next generation.

“You must always take care of this spirit.”

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